Gy-Roll twin spindle and multi-spindle heads are specially designed for use with small self-feed drilling units. These self-feed drills are primarily intended for the drilling and tapping of small holes. As it is more often necessary to drill a group of small holes instead of a single hole and since such groups are often on close centres, it is important that a head specially designed for these units be capable of drilling on the closest possible centres. The minimum centre distance for Gy-Roll heads is approximately twice the maximum drill diameter.

Since the heads may be run at high speeds, particular care has been given to the design of the bearings for the internal gearing and spindles. All journal bearings are precision ground and needle bearings have caged rollers so that friction and subsequent wear is kept to a minimum. Axial spindle load is taken by a roller thrust bearing with a rating at least three times greater than a ball thrust bearing of an equivalent outside diameter. Standard drilling adaptors and reversing tapping adaptors are supplied to suit most self-feed drilling units and air motors. Special adaptors for other units can be quoted for. The heads can be supplied for general workshop use with a taper shank for fitting directly into a drilling machine spindle or with standard flange or spigot locations for adapting to a drilling machine quill.

The screw back type of collet used in Gy-Roll heads provides the maximum drilling capacity in relation to the spindle diameter. The type 950 and 1250 heads can be supplied with either the screw back type of collet or with spindles to suit automotive drill adaptors.

The lubrication system in all Gy-Roll heads is designed in such a way that oil is released by capillary action from reservoirs as and when it is needed. The oil reservoirs provide oil to the spindles with the head in any position from vertical to horizontal. The oil is of a standard motor grade which is easily obtainable. Gy-roll also offer support in the supply of AFD units, all Gy-roll drilling heads work in conjuction with AFD units.

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    Gy-roll is committed to providing excellence, not only in the products we manufacture, but also in our after sales service. It is our aim to continue to improve upon our levels of product quality and customer service to exceed customer expectations.


    Gy-roll also offer an out of hours technical helpline (+ 44 7831 246673).


Our History

Transfer Tools was founded in 1956 by Bob and Peggy Patterson. Bob was a brilliant design engineer and Peggy was a very good organiser.

Between them they bought some old redundant buildings left over from the Airfield in Great Gransden and started designing and building special purpose machine tools.

In 1960 Bob designed a very successful multi spindle drilling and tapping head that could be adjusted to suit different hole centres and so Gy Roll was born as the name was more suited to the gyroscopic rollers used in Bob’s design.
Over the years they gradually developed the site and erected a new factory and office block. Peggy created and landscaped the gardens around the small lake besides the entrance gate whilst also running the factory on a day to day basis. Bob meanwhile spent most days at the drawing board designing . The sales gradually built up with the big market being America. Gy Roll opened a second factory in Canada but it was soon decided that working through agents would be a better solution and so several Agents were appointed and Bob who had been commuting and separated from Peggy for long periods moved back home to the UK.
The Company has been streamlined and now many new CNC machines manufacture multi spindle heads to Bob’s original designs for both the European and export markets.
60 years and still going strong.

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